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Redwood Kitchen Fitting & Kitchen Renovation London
Kitchen Refurbishment - Quickest, Easiest way to enjoy a brand new kitchen


When it comes to transforming your home, kitchen fitting in London properties may seem like a costly option. At Redwood, we believe that kitchen fitting should be hassle free and cost effective. For many homeowners, a kitchen refurbishment at their property represents a great option for home improvement, saving costs when compared with a brand new kitchen.

Our kitchen fitters will use kitchen units, doors, and more to transform your space, breathe life into your room, and show you just how easy a kitchen refurbishment in your home could be, changing only what you want and need.

Kitchen refurbishments and kitchen fitting in London homes involves replacement of a few kitchen units, or adding additional units to increase storage space or to complete an extension, no need for a complete change, so let us stop you worrying about that.

Contact us to get all your kitchen refurbishments done.

Why choose our Kitchen Renovation & Kitchen
Fitting London Company?

When it comes to kitchen fitting, nobody can be trusted to get the job done like Redwood. Our years of experience ensure that each of our kitchen revocation jobs in London is done by experienced kitchen fitters who work closely with customers to make sure they get the look they want for their kitchen fitting.

Affordable Prices

Whether it’s a full kitchen renovation to modernize your home or a smaller scale kitchen refurbishment to transform your flat, we will work with you to stick to your budget and deliver stylish but affordable results. Our kitchen fitting experts in London will always aim for affordable prices without compromising on quality.

Trained Team

All our kitchen fitters are experienced tradesmen who take pride in their work. Our trained kitchen renovation experts across London use industry leading safety, efficient working methods, and offer customer service that shows their commitment to customer satisfaction. When you work with our kitchen fitters, results are guaranteed.

Work Done on Time

As well as guaranteeing the quality of our work, our kitchen fitters will always work to a schedule that suits our customers with a commitment to getting the work done on time. From full kitchen renovations in large London homes to kitchen installation projects, we work hard to finish on time, every time.

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Kitchen Restoration London – The kitchen refurbishment advantages

Enhances Functionality With Kitchen Fitting London

When it comes to kitchen fitting it can be a case of adding things for functionality, or removing things for the same reason. Whatever the kitchen renovation job in London may be, remodeling is all about enhancing the functionality of your kitchen, making sure that your kitchen fitters create a relaxing and practical space.

Lessens Energy Costs Along Kitchen Renovation London 

Electronic appliances are important for kitchen refurbishment work in London homes. Many kitchen fitting jobs focus on adding energy efficiency, with such things as LED Models being favoured by many energy aware kitchen fitters and homeowners.

Improving Sustainability By Kitchen Fitting London

During a kitchen fitting in your home, doing an upgrade to incorporate more energy efficient devices and appliances can be a great idea for eco-friendly homes. Our kitchen fitters in London can advise on the most sustainable materials such as salvaged wood for cupboards,  or bamboo for your flooring, counter-tops,and around your kitchen in general.

Modern and Up-to-Date Appearance Beside Kitchen Remodeling London

For many of our customers, a kitchen renovation or kitchen refurbishment at their London home is about bringing their room back to life and adding a modern feeling and style. Our kitchen fitters and kitchen remodeling contractors are on hand to make that happen. Thanks to years of kitchen fitting and kitchen renovation experience, our team can modernize in style.

Enhanced Comfort and Safety By Kitchen Fitting London

When it comes to kitchen fitting and kitchen renovation in London properties of all kinds, simple can be effective. Adding a kitchen island or more storage can enhance the practical and safety elements of your home. Our kitchen remodelling professionals are happy to offer advice and discuss kitchen fitting tips that can transform and declutter your space, delivering comfort and safety. Kitchen fitting is also about concealing dangerous items in carefully selected storage units.

Increase the Value of Your Home Along Kitchen Fitters London

Kitchen renovation work can deliver added value to your property, great if you decide to sell up and move home. A high end kitchen renovation can also make your home easier to sell, as buyers love a great kitchen.

Redwood kitchen renovation London
Kitchen refurbishment & Kitchen remodeling

At Redwood Tree Ltd. we believe that all our kitchen fitting, kitchen renovation, and kitchen installation work should set industry standards. Our team of expert kitchen fitters in London uses the latest techniques and quality appliances, helping us to create bespoke and fully functional kitchens. 

All our kitchen fitting work includes in-house designers who listen to customers and ensure that their requirements are reflected in our results. 

Kitchen Supplier
Luxury & Custom Made Affordable Kitchen
When you need kitchen fitting in your London home, and you want all the work done by the most experienced and talented kitchen fitters it’s time to contact Redwood Tree Ltd. Our highly talented kitchen fitters have years of industry experience and are dedicated to making sure that every kitchen installation or kitchen renovation they do for clients deliver bespoke results that match your home perfectly. From traditional styles to modern kitchen makeovers we will work to your style and deliver the look you want. 

Traditional Kitchens
For over a decade, our team of kitchen fitters has been delighting customers with bespoke stunning kitchen installation and kitchen fitting. As tastes change and styles evolve, our kitchen fitters in London have continued to do kitchen renovation work that is traditional and sympathetic to existing decor. Although our kitchen makeovers have included modern takes, our kitchen fitters will always do kitchen fitting that blends with your traditional style seamlessly. 

Bespoke Kitchen Design
For so many families and couples, the kitchen is the heart of the home, the entertaining and family time space. At Redwood, we believe that every kitchen installation or kitchen renovation should be bespoke and designed to ensure both maximum functionality and personal style, making it a wonderful place to spend time. Our kitchen fitters can carefully craft and install wonderful tailor made kitchens, taking pride in all our work and guaranteeing that all our kitchen fitting in London ends with customer satisfaction.

Our Unique, Extraordinary Projects!

What makes our Kitchen Fitting London Unique?
High Quality Kitchen Installation & Kitchen Refurbishment

When it comes to kitchen renovation and kitchen refurbishment our unique approach to customer service and client satisfaction sets us apart in the industry.

Our years of experience make our kitchen fitters highly focused on creating stylish kitchen renovation projects homes of all styles and sizes, making us unique in terms of our range of services.

Whether you need a kitchen refurbishment to transform an old London property or a brand new, sleek and stylish kitchen installation in a new build, we are uniquely experienced to do your project on time and within budget.

As our portfolio of projects shows, our kitchen fitters offer unique service that is customer focused, meaning our work is always guaranteed and always designed to deliver the results you deserve. Whatever your kitchen renovation needs, contact us today to enjoy our unique services and outstanding kitchen fitters.


Keeping Kitchen Installation Costs Under Control with Kitchen Renovation Company London

When it comes to kitchen installation work, keeping your budget under control is critical. Before you even start, online searching can help you find the best costs, comparisons on products, and things that can help you keep your kitchen renovation in London down to a minimum price, without compromising on quality.

Our years of invaluable industry experience ensure that all our kitchen fitting work is done by reliable tradesmen, as showcased by our reviews and reputation. Our kitchen fitters offer competitive prices as well as stunning results.

When you have chosen the company you want to work with, getting your kitchen installation at your London property done smoothly includes getting delivery sorted, checking everything is what you ordered and like, and making sure the project costs stay in check at all times.

For all kitchen renovation and kitchen installation work, Redwood Tree Ltd. is on hand to work to your budget and stop things spiraling out of control.

Signs It's Time to Remodel Your Kitchen in London

When it comes to kitchen fitting and kitchen remodelling homes, it can be a big commitment in both time and money, not to mention disruption to your daily routine. For many, a large kitchen renovation in their property absolutely transforms the heart of their home, so makes it all worthwhile for their family.  Our kitchen fitters often ask clients why they are doing this, and there are many common reasons that we discover.

You lack storage and prep space

For many homeowners, however much they use their kitchen or love to cook, a kitchen renovation in their property is often about storage space and food preparation space. With space at a premium in many homes, kitchen fitting in London properties is designed to maximise what you have, enhancing storage space and creating more room to work and cook. Kitchen fitting is also about enhancing layouts, though for others a kitchen renovation in their pad is also about modernising the look where space is not always the biggest concern. If done well, a kitchen renovation in your home can provide storage solutions and a stunning new look.

Appliances Past Their Prime

In many cases, a kitchen renovation can be to do with changing appliances and creating a more integrated look and feel with more modern products. With a gas range expected to last around 15 years, fridges around 13 years, and dishwashers only 9, this can be vital to rejuvenating your kitchen. Our kitchen fitters working in London know that, as well as functionality and efficiency, replacing appliances can also be the key to improving the overall safety of your kitchen. When doing a kitchen renovation in your home, changing appliances all at once can allow a more consistent look for your room, and kitchen fitting around those changes can also add value and comfort.

Terrible Lighting

When doing a kitchen fitting, kitchen installation or kitchen renovation, some people often forget the importance of optimized lighting fixtures and styles, which can make a serious difference in how you live and work in that space. Our kitchen fitters in London are experts at creating optimal lighting conditions, avoiding poorly lit areas where you need to see clearly. From under-cabinet lights to stylish ceiling lighting, or even sleek looking pendants, a kitchen fitting can be taken to the next level with functional and attractive lighting choices.

Kitchen Lacks Flow

We often hear about rooms “flowing well” and when it comes to kitchen fitting and kitchen renovation work, the design can make or break that flow. Having a usable, functionally effortless and seamlessly designed kitchen allows great movement and all good kitchen fitting in London should make this a design feature and priority. For your kitchen renovation work think about consulting an interior design specialist to create this flow and help ensure you have a great kitchen that you enjoy cooking and spending time in. All kitchen fitting should be about flow, style, and the benefits that it brings.

Considering a Kitchen Remodel?

Ultimately, kitchen fitting and kitchen renovation work in London homes is about design that will stand the test of time. Whatever kind of kitchen fitting, kitchen remodelling or kitchen renovation you are thinking about for your home, contact us today to discuss your options and get the value of our expertise.

Your One-Stop Kitchen Renovation & Kitchen Makeover London Solution

When you want to give your kitchen a new, modern look, or if you want to do a stunning new kitchen renovation in your London home, Redwood Tree Ltd is the company to call and the team you can trust. Our team of kitchen renovation experts and plumbers will provide cost and time efficient solutions and top end kitchen fitting for your home.

As well as our kitchen fitters our professional electricians are part of our team who wan do all your lighting and circuit breaker work, and any electrical work that is part of a kitchen renovation or installation project at your home. 

Whatever you need from your kitchen fitting or kitchen installation in London, Redwood will get it done.

Bespoke Kitchens from Redwood Tree Ltd. - Kitchen Fitting & Refurbishment London

At Redwood Tree Ltd. we pride ourselves on carefully crafting stunning kitchens for our clients, and delivering the best kitchen fitting work. Since 2002, our years of industry experience with kitchen fitting and kitchen renovation has garnered our reputation and consistently kept customers satisfied. We believe that all kitchen fitting homes should lead to results that maximize style and functionality, with bespoke styles for every taste, transforming the heart of the home. 

Our kitchen fitting offers a wide range of options catering for many tastes and preferences. From the classical and traditional to the modern and sleek, our kitchen fitters work closely with each customer to ensure that their vision is realized and their kitchen fitting is superb. We start with a free consultation for all our bespoke kitchen fitting work discussing design and materials to ensure the ideas are clear before work starts, with measurements and details all crystal clear. 

Once everything is decided, the details of the kitchen installation at your London home are finalized, our kitchen fitters and design teams will advise and help you with a selection of worktops, cabinets, and all the elements that will take your kitchen fitting from ordinary to luxurious. Whether you prefer glass, acrylic, granite, real, or laminate wood worktops, we can make sure that your kitchen installation transforms the heart of your London home just the way you want it to. 

Thanks to our excellent industry relationships, when we do kitchen fitting and kitchen installations we are able to source bespoke kitchen worktops and other items with materials and products provided but the most respected and reputable suppliers. We know that each kitchen installation works to a different budget, which is why we offer appliance ranges from names across the cost spectrum.

As soon as our clients have decided on the finishes for their kitchen installation our expert consultants create a bespoke design based on those exact specifications. Once everything is sourced, we discuss the time and schedule for the kitchen installation at our clients’ home, ensuring everything is done to their schedule and budget, and taking the stress out of any work around the home. 

When you decide that the time is right for a kitchen fitting or kitchen renovation in your home, one that delivers both the height of style and true functionality, it’s time to contact Redwood Tree Ltd. and visit one of our stunning showrooms. Browse through our online portfolio and images to see what our kitchen installation work offers, before arranging a home consultation with one of our kitchen fitting design experts in London.