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Constructing The Ideal Kitchen

Kitchen Renovations by Redwood Installation services for kitchens fitters Southhampton are both affordable and professional. If you want your new kitchen to look and function perfectly, you need the help of our expert cabinet and furniture installers. Worktop, lamp, and appliance installation are just a few of the many services we provide. We execute all types of projects, from simple fittings to complicated installations. If you go with Redwood cabinets, you’ll end up with a dream kitchen.

Our Services for Kitchen Fittes From Southhampton


We offer furniture assembly services, including floor-standing and wall-mounted cabinet installation. We take special care to provide a perfect fit and a bespoke appearance in the kitchen.


Kitchen worktops can be installed and connected by our team, with guaranteed perfect alignment and no gaps or wobbles.


We'll help you set up the plumbing for water and waste removal, as well as install the sink, pipe, and seal. If you have a gas cooker, we can hook it up to your home's gas line as well.


Microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, cookers, and hoods are just some of the home appliances we can properly install and align. When necessary, we can alter the access points and other parameters.


We can put in new LED strips and switches, as well as install new lighting in your ceiling and under your cabinets. We may also extend cables, add sockets and switches, and make sure that all are appropriately linked.


After that, we'll put in the finishing touches like the skirting boards, silicone sealant, screw covers, and final adjustments like tightening the hinges and handles.

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