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Redwood Kitchen Fitters From Walberton

Creating Your Perfect Kitchen

Redwood Kitchen Fitters Walberton provides professional and affordable kitchen installation Walberton services. Our experienced team of fitters specialises in cabinet and furniture installation, ensuring that your new kitchen looks stunning and functions perfectly. We offer a wide range of services, including installing countertops, lighting fixtures, and appliances. From simple fittings to complex installations, we handle all types of projects. Choose Redwood and get the kitchen of your dreams.

Our Kitchen Installation Walberton Services


We offer furniture assembly services, including installation of floor-standing and wall-mounted cabinets. We ensure that everything is perfectly fitted and adjusted to the kitchen space.


Our team can install and join kitchen worktops, ensuring that they are perfectly aligned and there are no gaps or wobbles.


We can help you with water and drainage connections, as well as the installation of sinks, pipes, and seals. If you have a gas cooker, we can also connect it to the gas supply.


We can install household appliances such as dishwashers, ovens, microwaves, cookers, refrigerators, and hoods, ensuring they are perfectly fitted and aligned. We can also adjust doors and settings as needed.


Our team can install new lights on the ceiling and under cabinets, as well as LED strips and switches. We can also extend cables, install sockets and switches, and ensure everything is connected safely.


We will finish the job by adding skirting boards, silicone sealant, screw covers, tightening hinges and handles, and making any final adjustments to ensure everything is perfect.

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