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If you need assistance with kitchen refurbishment Brighton. From modest upgrades to full renovations, our qualified specialists provide a variety of affordable treatments. We provide updates that are both fashionable and useful. We provide a variety of services, such as countertop replacement, flooring installation, lighting installation, and more. Completed using top-notch tools and materials. Redwood can assist you in realising your idea, whether it is for a contemporary or classic kitchen. To find out more, call us right now.

Our Services For Kitchen Refurbishment in Brighton

Removing An Old Kitchen

A service that entails dismantling and removing old furniture, kitchen machinery, and plumbing in order to prepare the area for renovation.


If you want to modify the arrangement of your kitchen, our experts can assist you with knocking down or installing walls, creating niches, or other design aspects from the viewpoint of a renovator.


We can also assist with electrical work such as the installation of new circuits, sockets, switches, and lights, as well as the preparation for appliance installation.


Our crew can assist with plumbing tasks such as plumbing system extension, pipe replacement, pipe installation, and heating system maintenance.


We supply flooring services such as screed leveling, tile, panel, or stone laying, and other associated services.


To complete your kitchen refurbishment Chichester, our crew can also assist with furniture assembly and installation.

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