FULL HOUSE refurbishment

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Full House Refurbishment London - Exciting ways to love your house againn


When it comes to home decor, we know it matters, which is why we help so many customers to love their home again with house refurbishment work in London. From large homes to small properties, our home renovation teams will give you a place that you can love, a home to relax in after a hard day’s work.

Many homeowners become disenchanted with the way their home looks, or feel that the space simply doesn’t work for them, which is where a house renovation or full house refurbishment becomes needed. From wallpapers to colour schemes, sometimes a change can uplift a place, and a full house refurbishment can be a cost effective way to create the space you can love again.

Our house renovation and house refurbishment services in London are available for all
kinds of properties, whether a small or large job, we are here to transform your home. Whatever your house renovation or house refurbishments needs are contact us today and let our expert team guide you to the home you will love more than ever.


When it comes to house renovation work in London, it is important that you have all the designs ready, made by your own architect and interior designer before any work starts, and that the right house fitting team is secured for the project.


A lot of house renovation work in London requires structural and construction work. Redwood Tree will always provide the best building contractor for this stage, with experience in installing the specific structural requirements.

Electrical and Plumbing

With house remodelling in London, plumbing and electrical works are crucial to a successful project, and it is extremely important to have only trusted and reliable tradespeople for your home renovation work.

Finishing and Decoration

Our home renovation work in London is done by experienced tilers, plasterers, painters, carpenters, joiners and decorators, all as important as the choice of materials.

Project Management

At Redwood Tree, we want all our house renovation work in London to be done with minimal disruption to our client, which is why we appoint a dedicated project manager for each project.